Bookish Bingo Summer 2018

I know the blogging has been spotty around these parts, but I'm pushing past the fatigue and lack of motivation today because it's time for my favorite part of this hobby: Bookish Bingo!

If you don't know, Bookish Bingo is a seasonal feature wherein we try to expand our reading horizons a bit and cover as much of the bingo card as possible. You can only use one square per book, and all books must be read in June, July, and August. To participate, leave a comment below. Here is the card:

Here are some ideas for some of the categories. As always, if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments or find me on Twitter.

- Let's Talk About Love
- Reign of the Fallen
- Every Heart a Doorway

Water On the Cover:
- Fear the Drowning Deep
- Song of the Current
- Passenger

2018 Debut:
- The Immortalists
- Sky in the Deep
- Children of Blood and Bone

Asian Author
- American Panda
- Timekeeper
- Library of Fates

June, July, or August Release
- Bright We Burn
- Hullmetal Girls
- Toil & Trouble

- Caraval
- Wild Beauty
- An Unkindness of Magicians

- The Language of Thorns
- A History of Glitter and Blood
- Illuminae

- Six of Crows
- Rebel of the Sands
- Scarlet

- Wanderlove
- The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
- Isle of Blood and Stone

Summer Thriller
- White Rabbit
- Dangerous Girls
- What We Knew

Set During Wartime
- And I Darken
- Code Name Verity
- Salt to the Sea

- You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
- Love, Hate, and Other Filters
- Faking Faith

- These Rebel Waves
- The Assassin's Curse
- Starflight 


  1. I'll be participating. @VeganCleopatra

  2. I love joining in with these!

  3. im so excited to be particpating this time :D

  4. YES PLEASE, I WILL DO THE THING THIS TIME. Pure laziness and lethargy has kept me out the law few. Especially beautiful card this time, btw. <3

  5. I barely completed my spring bingo, but I'm excited for this one! :D

  6. Yes please, count me in! I did quite well on the last round - surprise all round- so look forward to getting my wrap up together, ready to link up. Thanks for hosting bingo again!

  7. Thought I commented but maybe didn't go through. I'm in for this one.

  8. I'm totally in!

  9. So excited to be participating again! I started with the summer challenge last year and have participated in each one since. I'll have my tbr post up shortly.

  10. Hey, you're back! I was worried when your blog was down. Glad you're okay.

    yes, I'm in!!

  11. Hi, I was wondering about your blog. Glad to see you back. I'm in again:

  12. As usual, I am so in!